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This community is an attempt to use the Dewey-Decimal System of Love (tm) to bring some order to the library of crack that is fandom. Simply put, it's a multi-fandom rec community. Your intrepid librarians are as follows:

soupytwist: Gets overly effusive, but is nonetheless sincere in her love for good fanfic, good chocolate, and the Oxford comma. She tends to hide in her corner, occasionally running out to squee about something. She also has a habit of changing fandoms too fast while going round corners, but has so far kept her poetic licence (as the previous tortured metaphor illustrates).

aneli8: Has, on occasion, been known to read porn in a puzzle store. She prefers to lurk in her fandoms of choice and quietly worship at the feet of her favorite authors. She is also attracted to shiny objects of any sort and spends a good deal of her time following her mind into the gutter.

airinshaw: Was hijacked by fandom while still at university pretending to study. She has never fully recovered despite a stint in rehab. She can now be found wide-eyed and pupil-less, rocking in front of her computer screen while not either out drunk with friends or trying to convince her employers that she's not the crazy geek she so clearly is.

Posts are tagged and listed in the memories section by fandom. (Crossovers are listed as both "crossovers" and as each fandom involved.)