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I Can't Believe It's Another Crossover

I was going to rec more Stargate: Atlantis today, but while I was pondering which of the eighteen million brilliant fics I have listed to talk about, I got pointed at a genius crossover fic. That kind of doomed me, really, so... here you go. This list has been specially designed with "cheering people up on a lousy afternoon" in mind, so they're funny. I tend to think most good crossovers should be funny, actually - since the entire idea is mostly kind of inherently ridiculous, maintaining a sense of humour is usually conduitive to making it work. And despite being fairly high on the crack scale of whacked-out-ness, these fics do work, and are entirely wonderful for it.

Sex, Lies and Agriculture by flambeau is the X-Files crossed with the West Wing. Only… this is totally and utterly what would actually happen. Just, it is. Plus, it’s Torch so it’s nicely written, and really freaking hilarious. It makes me wish that Mulder and Scully did live in the same world as President Bartlet, just so I could think of this story and snicker to myself. Hee.

Just Names For Sides by daegaer is troubling me a litte. You see, I have literally zero interest in Star Wars fanfic. Seriously, none. And if you know me at all, you also know how rare that is: I’m interested in everything, especially stuff you can read. Star Wars fic, though, like deep fried Mars Bars, are where I draw the line. So please believe me when I say that despite this being nominally Star Wars, you don’t have to like Star Wars to read it. In fact, it might well be better if you don’t like Star Wars, because despite being a very short fic, this attempts to explain the entire Star Wars franchise through a crossover. A genius crossover, which is inspired in so many ways and even better, to me, explains the whole thing a lot better than George Lucas ever did. Sadly, I can’t tell you what it’s being crossed over with, but hopefully you’ll know when you see it. If you don’t know even after reading it, the answer is this… but seriously, don’t spoil yourself. It takes hardly any time to read the fic, and you’ll enjoy it more that way, I promise.

The Other Guide by cesperanza is yet another thing I probably shouldn’t spoil. Dammit, I suck at not spoiling people. Um, it’s The Sentinel, but a crossover… which again, actually explains an awful lot, and made me laugh hysterically for a good ten minutes. It’s one of those ideas that you’d never have thought of, but once somebody else does, the link is forever made and you can’t imagine how somebody would ever not think of that. And that’s all I’m telling you… except that if you read it (and again, it’s pretty short) and don’t know what the crossover is then you should go here and be very ashamed of yourself.

At The Fifteenth Annual Evil Masterminds Convention by basingstoke This one I can spoil – it has Scott Evil and Lex Luthor, and if that isn’t a conjunction of names that has you going “oh my GOD, INSPIRED” then you probably want to skip this whole recs set. As far as I’m concerned, Lex and Scott totally do need to go to an Evil Masterminds Convention and bond over their crazy fathers. The fact they also have one of the most embarrassing hook-ups in the entire sad history of convention hook-ups is just a bonus, really. In short: hee. Also, bwahaha.
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