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In which love is not a victory march.

I thought it only fair to do a post for SG1, since both Katie and I did SGA posts. This will be multi-fandom, just give us some time. It's incredibly easy to get distracted when going through your bookmarks and favorites...

But, yes:

His House Lasts 'til Doomsday
By Salieri
At the small of his back, his spine was a furrow, smooth, as wide as the side of Daniel's hand. The shadows there tasted of salt.

Well. This successfully made my heart crumble into several tiny pieces. It’s short. And it sort of sneaks up on you, and it’s just… it’s painful, but in a very slow, understated kind of way. Don’t let the short rec put you off, it’s just one of those things that does a perfectly good job of speaking for itself.

Soul May Look and Body Touch
By Katie
Daniel finds it kind of funny at first that Jack's shaped in a way that's so different from the kind of music he actually likes. Then he thinks about it, and it isn't so funny anymore.

I believe the proper term for this is “wibble”. But no, really. This is striking. It’s gorgeous. It’s so *visual*. It’s a look into the Abyss (to use exactly the right phrase) through Daniel’s not-quite corporeal eyes. And I just can’t get past the sheer beauty of it. The words, the phrasing, the combination of everything into these amazing images… I cannot praise this enough.

By Mary Jane
It's much more important to look back again at Jack now, to meet Jack's gaze on him, though it's the hardest thing that Daniel's ever done in a life where things have never, never been easy.

This killed me. It just wrecked me. It’s incredible, and perfect, and utterly, utterly unfair. The story starts when Jack dies, and it goes from there, following Daniel. I love the way it’s written, and the way it portrays Daniel. I love that it’s not a happy story, because sometimes things just aren’t supposed to be that way. This is in the top three of my favorite fics ever, because it’s just. So. Good. It hurts, but it’s so, so worth it.

By Nanda
No big deal. I lost a whole planet once.

It’s a Cassie fic. And that in itself is rare, but it’s also a well-written and touching Cassie fic. It shows us Cassie, after Janet’s death, and how she deals with it. And at the same time, it gives as peeks at all the other characters, and their own lives and relationships. It’s not fluffy or sweet, or the most uplifting story, but it leaves you hopeful and it doesn’t descend into cliché angst. And I really, really like that about it.

Iphigenia (Five Things That Never Happened to Charlie O’Neill)
By Katie
Eventually, he got bored, and put the gun away with a mingled sense of guilt and triumph. It wasn't every day that he got to prove that his father made stupid rules.

This sort of made my mind explode. It’s my favorite of the Five Things fics. It’s short, to the point, and really packs a punch. I distinctly remember thinking “What the hell does Iphigenia have to do with anything?” and coming to the end of this and quietly going “… Oh.” It’s a wonderfully original idea, and this format is the perfect outlet for it. It’s been on my favorites list for ages, and I’m pretty sure it’s not too widely known, and therefore you must all scurry forth and read it.

Dare to Know
By Otter
Daniel supposed that there were some things which, once begun, could not be taken back.

It’s a metaphor, you see, and it’s damn good. I could easily rec most everything by Otter, but this… this is subtle. It’s Jack and Daniel, but not how you might think. It offers a different perspective, and it does it in a natural, easy kind of way. And okay, I’m just a sucker for the metaphor thing, but Otter does it really, *really* well.

Sense Of
By Ness
Silence fills the infirmary. It's the second worst thing she's ever heard.

This is disturbing. It’s really, really disturbing. It’s *good*, but it’s just creepy as all hell. To summarize it is almost like lying really, because I could easily say “Sam and Jack end up together” and you’d go off thinking that at least they end up happily ever after, and that would be a vicious, vicious lie. It packs a punch, boys and girls, and it’ll probably stay with you for a while, all in the best way.

My First Stargate Story
By Halrloprillalar

No quote for this one either, because I can’t pick just one. This is too funny. It’s a parody on every badfic cliché ever written in the Stargate universe. My personal favorite is the fact that Teal’c’s every sentence starts with “On Chulak”. Try incorporating this into your daily life, it’s amusing, I promise. Ahem. Anyway. You need to put down your drinks, and go read this. I laughed. I laughed A LOT.

Do Not Stray
By Otter
Sha'uri joins her father for the evening meal, sits quietly and watches the stars; she hums, but only in her head, and feels that something too brief is already ending.

I have my own individual reasons for loving this story, but from a completely impartial point of view, it’s still a marvelous read. It’s a sort of peek into the life of Daniel and Sha’uri, and I know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but please don’t let that be a deciding factor. It’s not a love story, so much as it’s a closer look at un-told canon. Not your typical Stargate fic. It’s also Otter, which should in itself be reason enough to read it.

By Katie
Jacob called Selmak "the little woman" in private for months, until she didn't feel female anymore, and every year they celebrated an anniversary.

The summary actually says it quite well: “The Tokra, in five movements.” You don’t get this very often, this sort of minor character fic. Although calling it that almost belittles it, in a way. It shows us five different Tokra and presents them as real, fully made characters. It’s original and it’s *good*.

A Memory of Falling
By Brighid

No quote because poem. And I realize that sentence is missing words. I seem to have a new-found love for poetry. Or perhaps it’s just the images this brings to mind, or the fact that it says quite a bit in a short, and not necessarily consecutive piece of writing. I know poetry tends to be more personal, and different people come away with different things, but this is worth looking at, for everyone.
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