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[23 Jun 2006|12:08am]

So, okay, we all collectively fail at updating. That's fact.

But, life happens.

And on the bright side, I have about twelve zillion bookmarks and links to share. This is good, yes? And kind of makes it okay that this sort of died for a little while? Maybe?


I come bearing vids.

For they are good and make me happy. I know they're not everybody's thing, and I actually go through phases when I couldn't care less. But on occasion, I hunt through the web for links and recs to good songvids. I've got five for right now, and am in the process of uploading several more. Sendspace and YSI aren't cooperating.

Also, I want to mention- I have all of these saved to my computer. This means that I don't have the artist/author of the vid listed anywhere unless it's in the vid. Which isn't always the case. I'd rather not offend anyone by trying to guess, so just as a disclaimer, I intend absolutely no infringement on anyone's territory, and am uploading and sharing these simply because I think they're wonderful.

So. Without any further ado, I give you:


Another Train.

Then we fill our heads with crazy things that only break our hearts. And I know you've seen what the earth can do...


Daniel focused, set to a lovely acapella song. It pulls at the heartstrings and reminds you that TPTB really like putting poor Daniel through angst. As often as they can. Over and over. And over. Again.


Desperation Song.

You settle down, where you runnin to? What else can you prove? How many, many more until you lose?


This is really quite brilliant. It's sort of a summary of all three movies, covering all the main plotlines and concepts, in about four minutes of really well edited footage. The song is perfect for this, and got me hooked on the band.


Icebound Stream. By Sisabet.

But underneath her icebound stream, the water pours, the water pours...

Due South.

Okay. I believe the description of this, from wherever I got it, was something along the lines of "Fraser and Victoria tear each other apart". And that's exactly what this vid shows. It's interspersed with footage of polar bears, and if you're anything like me, that's just weird enough to make you watch it. Also? There's some gorgeous editing and transitions in this, and it just... grows on you with each watching. I really do suggest you watch it.


Prince Charming Comes. By Killashandra.

Riding into my night of darkness, my own prince charming comes.


Oh Highlander. My knowledge of HL canon is limited to what I saw in every fifth of sixth episode, and what I got through osmosis online. But that's okay, with this vid. Having a basic knowledge of Methos helps, mostly of the whole Horsemen Arc, but even still it's a lovely little thing to watch. I end up grinning at the end thinking "Aw, boyfriends."


When I Go. By Melina.

I'll send this message down the wire and hope that someone wise is listening when I go.


Okay, so after the "Desperation Song" vid, I actively went looking for LotR vids because I developed something like a midnight craving for them. It was weird and we don't talk about it. But I found this, and while Boromir isn't at all my favorite character, I really, reallyreally like this. On the off chance that you've been under a rock and don't know what happens at the end of the first movie, um. Don't watch this?
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More SGA recs [15 Jan 2006|01:05pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I would try and claim that I'm here to rec many different fics for many different fandoms - but it would be a lie. Lately I've been reading almost nothing but pure SGA slash - John/Rodney to be more precise. Every time I've come across something that I particularly liked I've kept a note of it and now have a number to rec.

The Convenient Husband - 1/2 and 2/2
By Brighid

This is an AU. I never used to be an AU kinda girl. There were occasional AUs that worked for me, but in general I liked it a lot more canon. Somehow SGA AUs work a lot better than in other fandoms though. This was the first SGA AU that I ever read and it's brilliant - just brilliant. It was written for the Harlequin challenge (oh how I love the Harlequin fics) and the setup is that John needs to marry someone and stay married for a year to gain an inheritance - so why not his old childhood friend Rodney as gay marriage is legal in Canada?

Second Time
By Lamardeuse

This takes the idea that John and Rodney met before Atlantis when they were 15/16. John is visiting his cousin Sarah in Canada and Rodney gets invited to a party at her house. Rodney POV and I can't explain exactly why I really like this one, but somehow it just hits the right notes and the characterisation is lovely. One that I definitely wish was longer!

Sucking It Up
By Nel_ani

Genius non-perfect first-time sex. First time sex in fics always seems to go perfectly and be "the-best-sex-ever-OMG!" but this is so much more real. John pokes Rodney in the eye, there is a lot of stopping and starting, but above all a lot of laughing and bonding, which makes it all the more special. The highlight is a line said by Rodney that still makes me laugh when I think about it, but I won't spoil it. ;)

By Jenn

I read this a while ago and forgot to keep a link to it. I found it again recently and loved it just as much the second time through because it's wonderful. There's almost no dialogue and that works perfectly for the whole thing. for me it's all about touching and dancing and how amazing those things are. Just - read it.

By Rageprufrock

A great writer so shouldn't expect anything less than a fantastic AU here. John never joined the Air Force (he wanted to, but couldn't) so he joined the FBI instead. Then one day he has to investigate a bomb placed in the car of a scientist working in Cheyenne Mountain and suddenly the tornado that is Rodney McKay pours into his life, whether he wants it or not! Great story, with plot and everything! Contains the phrase "Hey! My house is not gay." and Rodney heckling a children's spelling bee.

Last Will and Testament
By Speranza

An AU fic that actually contains an exciting plot that has you sucked in by that as well as the characters. Simply amazing because not only do you get hooked by the plot, it has a premise that could make you go "eeeewwwwwwwwwwwww!!" but it's written so well that it - well - doesn't. The AU part is that Rodney has never worked for the military and John hasn't gone to Antarctica, but they meet because Rodney's dad (a General) dies and John attends the funeral.

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the city rises from the ashes... [08 Dec 2005|11:38pm]

... as does the reccer from the sloth of, er, not having recced in a while. Um, sorry about that. On the other hand, I do have some fabulous Stargate: Atlantis recs, so hopefully the whole bribing-with-fic thing will recompense a bit.

Nest Building by cofax7 is, quite simply, gorgeous gen. It’s kind of Teyla centric, but in a good way, and oh, the team. I am so in love with the whole idea of the team; group bonding (bonding, people, bonding - honestly, filthy minds, the lot of you, hee) in the face of aversity in that kind of way is one of the reasons I watch shows like SGA, and getting fics like this is the payoff. Just, yeah. One of those fics that makes you heave a great satisfied sigh after reading it.

Falter by minnow1212 is yet more gen fic, but once again, it’s totally worth it. This is about the little things, and how sometimes they’re everything. It’s sad, but in a good way; all the team is here (and done total justice), and the John broke my heart into pieces and made me love him all the more.

Drown Fear In Goblets by bridhidestone is not gen; it's John/Rodney. It's also a Before I Sleep post-ep. I like post-eps, and I really like Brighid’s writing, so I’m naturally predisposed to like this. It just hit the buttons for me: the episode left me with this narrative void waiting to be filled (I am so glad I thought of the word ‘void’, because on first draft this review was a whole slew of “as the prostitute said to the bishop” jokes waiting to happen – it ain’t pretty here, folks), and this fic helps admirably. Here’s the little bit more on all those potentially awesome ideas and weirdly fascinating John/Rodney conversations that I was looking for.

Lifeblood by misspamela is, in complete contrast to the above, cute and fluffy and lovely and about one of my favourite topics: coffee. Specifically, Rodney McKay’s love of the stuff. And also John. And – because I am Deep, yo – I like to think it’s also about a weird kind of recognition, the way John and Rodney really do know each other, get each other in a way nobody else around them quite seems to. It makes me happy.

The Sound of Her Wings by rokeon will be spoiled for anybody who recognises the title straight away, but that doesn’t matter. (And if you’re wondering, Sandman fans – yes, that is referencing what you think it’s referencing.) This is technically a crossover, but that really doesn’t matter either: this is John, and his relationship with Death, and you don’t need to be a Neil Gaiman fan to get that. Very short, but absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous and right.

Einstein by tigs is a highschool AU… no, wait, dammit, come back! The genius of this one, other than that it’s really well written and not at all cheesy and just so Rodney and John it makes me kind of die of joy, is that they’re not students: they’re teachers. And though I am possibly weird, it just hits all my “awwwwwww” buttons – I mean, there’s crazy professor hair, and motivational posters, and mocking Ford, and the cutest kiss possibly ever. I am in total smit with this story; I just want to pet it and squee. Go forth and do thou likewise, dammit.

I’ve already mentioned trinityofone here, but I shall have to do so again. Go now, and read everything this fabulous, fabulous woman has ever written. Seriously. You might have a multi-billion dollar construction contract, or a baby due next week, or flights to catch, but put them off, because there is joy to be found here. I especially recommend Eight Ways John and Rodney Give Themselves Away (which is what it sounds like, but with a surprising depth and richness to it that makes it very compelling and believable), Down from Mount Olympus (which has a take on the John/Chaya thing that I find utterly fascinating and cool, and just, awww, John! And Rodney! Squee!… see the depths of monosyllabic hell this fandom puts me through? Also, possibly my favourite last line in the history of last lines) and Revelations (which is John’s-a-priest!porn, except totally not).

I’m going to preface my final two recs of the day with a caveat: I am Not A Baby Person. While I don’t hate all individual children, as a generality it can be safely stated that I don’t like kids. I especially don’t like most kids in fiction, as the kind of sentimentality they tend to produce does nothing for me at all. On the other hand, that just means I like good kid fic all the more for managing to beat my inner ick detector like that. The following two stories do have kids in: but they’re awesome. These are kids who are believable, and yet don’t make me want to either throw up or throw things. Be impressed, people.

Thicker than Water by julad is all about one of my favourite SGA themes: finding your own family. And this is a really nice – and long, which is unhappily rare in this fandom of cute fluff. There is story, there is Rodney and John, and there’s the way they’ve bonded over being the expedition members without families to miss. I wish there was more like this.

Small Primes and Square Roots by liviapenn has a much higher percentage of kid screen time than does Thicker than Water, and yet I still love it. It’s cheese, and Harlequin challenge cheese at that, but done so that it isn’t really all that cheesy at all: instead it’s cute, and funny, and weirdly believable. I mean, this is the kind of Rodney that I would pay to be able to write. And the kid kicks arse. It’s beautiful.
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I Can't Believe It's Another Crossover [13 Nov 2005|10:36pm]

I was going to rec more Stargate: Atlantis today, but while I was pondering which of the eighteen million brilliant fics I have listed to talk about, I got pointed at a genius crossover fic. That kind of doomed me, really, so... here you go. This list has been specially designed with "cheering people up on a lousy afternoon" in mind, so they're funny. I tend to think most good crossovers should be funny, actually - since the entire idea is mostly kind of inherently ridiculous, maintaining a sense of humour is usually conduitive to making it work. And despite being fairly high on the crack scale of whacked-out-ness, these fics do work, and are entirely wonderful for it.

Sex, Lies and Agriculture by flambeau is the X-Files crossed with the West Wing. Only… this is totally and utterly what would actually happen. Just, it is. Plus, it’s Torch so it’s nicely written, and really freaking hilarious. It makes me wish that Mulder and Scully did live in the same world as President Bartlet, just so I could think of this story and snicker to myself. Hee.

Just Names For Sides by daegaer is troubling me a litte. You see, I have literally zero interest in Star Wars fanfic. Seriously, none. And if you know me at all, you also know how rare that is: I’m interested in everything, especially stuff you can read. Star Wars fic, though, like deep fried Mars Bars, are where I draw the line. So please believe me when I say that despite this being nominally Star Wars, you don’t have to like Star Wars to read it. In fact, it might well be better if you don’t like Star Wars, because despite being a very short fic, this attempts to explain the entire Star Wars franchise through a crossover. A genius crossover, which is inspired in so many ways and even better, to me, explains the whole thing a lot better than George Lucas ever did. Sadly, I can’t tell you what it’s being crossed over with, but hopefully you’ll know when you see it. If you don’t know even after reading it, the answer is this… but seriously, don’t spoil yourself. It takes hardly any time to read the fic, and you’ll enjoy it more that way, I promise.

The Other Guide by cesperanza is yet another thing I probably shouldn’t spoil. Dammit, I suck at not spoiling people. Um, it’s The Sentinel, but a crossover… which again, actually explains an awful lot, and made me laugh hysterically for a good ten minutes. It’s one of those ideas that you’d never have thought of, but once somebody else does, the link is forever made and you can’t imagine how somebody would ever not think of that. And that’s all I’m telling you… except that if you read it (and again, it’s pretty short) and don’t know what the crossover is then you should go here and be very ashamed of yourself.

At The Fifteenth Annual Evil Masterminds Convention by basingstoke This one I can spoil – it has Scott Evil and Lex Luthor, and if that isn’t a conjunction of names that has you going “oh my GOD, INSPIRED” then you probably want to skip this whole recs set. As far as I’m concerned, Lex and Scott totally do need to go to an Evil Masterminds Convention and bond over their crazy fathers. The fact they also have one of the most embarrassing hook-ups in the entire sad history of convention hook-ups is just a bonus, really. In short: hee. Also, bwahaha.
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And for my first trick...Pictures galore!! [12 Nov 2005|09:11pm]

[ mood | geeky ]

I didn't realise just how many great fics there were on here that I hadn't read, however, sometimes I find that I need a quick laugh and almost nothing does that better than a picture fic. Only three for this post (because the other two I had were no longer working - bah) but enjoy nonetheless.

Trinity Photo Novella
By Elethe

Pretty much a screen-capped, everyone-loves-Rodney version of Trinity. It's primarily McShep, with a little bit of...well, I don't want to tell it all right here. Needless to say it's funny and slashy, which is all we need.

John and Rodney Love Mice
By Idlerat

This is just inexplicable both in content and how much it just makes me laugh and squirt liquids through my nose. (If I have no liqids handy I go hunting especially.) It's bizarre and crazy and just funny - because...mice! Mmmmm...screencapping goodness.

Way To Troop On
By Brevisse (on Rageprufrock's journal)

Otherwise known as the one with the Boychaya. A comic that is genius and hilarity combined - and has lead to many a time where one of us has yelled "fist of triumph!" (for example in Leeds/Bradford airport while heading to Ireland) only for everyone to fall about laughing. Sentient Atlantis, Ancients, AI rebellions, McShep...this comic has it all.

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we few, we happy few, we band of brothers [10 Nov 2005|11:42pm]

Given that it's a little-known show that got cancelled way before its time, Sports Night doesn't have the world's biggest fandom. It does, however, have a very loud one, and one that's still consistently producing some really great fanfic. This is something I tend to reckon pretty damn amazing. I absolutely adore all of the Sports Night characters, and getting more of them is always great, especially when in the hands of authors as talented as these.

(If you've never seen the show, the crack_van summary might help you. Just cause, well, you shouldn't miss out on the joy that is Dan and Casey and Jeremy and Natalie and Isaac and Dana.)

Synergy by merryish is about what happens when Natalie fails to appear at work one day. It’s one of the best ensemble fics out there: I love Dan/Casey, which this is too, but what I love best is that sense from the show of all these crazy people working together, around each other, and occasionally thwarting each other, but always caring. Here we get that sense in spades, and I love this fic for it. It helps that the author’s really caught the particular SN brand of crazy, too, the show’s ever-so-slightly-off-centre view of the world.

Four Conversations About Sandwiches by starfishchick shows how perfect a therapist Abby is for Dan. They just get each other; they work in ways the other can understand, because they’re both weird. This is a lovely illustration of that, as well as of the fact that office life really does revolve around food. Both those things make it feel delightfully close to canon, and just, aww, yay. It makes me want to rewatch my DVDs right now.

Granted by meadowlion is a very short snippet which explains a hell of a lot more about Dan than its length would imply, and despite the fact that it’s also a fairly traditional – and very cute – Dan/Casey first time fic. I especially like how it recaptures the sense from canon that Dan and Casey’s love for each other is easy: they both completely adore each other on the show, and despite my tendency towards the angsty and the complicated, having that natural balance between them done so beautifully is really nice to see.

Untitled by littera_abactor is a story in which everything’s the fault of the girl Casey’s been seeing, and there is little more canonical than that. Hee. Basically, it’s a day in the crazy life of the Sports Night crew, with all that entails: cute and fuzzies, Natalie being invoked as a weapon, and a whole lot of weirdness. Feels just like an episode we didn’t get to see, and that is praise indeed.

Gynecology by Charlemagne (whose LJ, if existant, I know not of, so feel free to tell me if you do). This is the Dan’s A Woman fic par excellence. And before you run away, I don’t, thankfully, mean that Dan literally is or becomes a woman: just that this fic takes the “I’ll stick you under a hairdryer!” jokes from canon, and gives Dan a chance to think about that a little. It’s cute and charming and funny, as well, like all the best Sports Night fics should be.

Even Sugar Peas Run Out Of Snap by callmesandy is the one truly angsty story I’m going to rec. I want my Dan and Casey to find happiness in the end, together if not together. This fic, though, points out in the saddest of true ways that it isn’t always that easy; it’s beautifully, impeccably written, with perfect details, and it breaks my heart every damn time.

A Better Game by kestrelsan is the SN story I’ve read which best incorporates the way the show has of turning sports into art. In the process, this story helped give me a glimpse of why anyone, anywhere, ever, might give a toss about baseball. It certainly helped explain why Danny does, while also managing to be a beautiful and whistful look at the inevitable imperfection of life. Which sounds depressing, but it’s weirdly not… it’s kind of like looking out of the window and watching the rain fall.

You Get What You Need by corilannam is a long, fulfilling gem of a story where Dan and Casey have to figure their way through some stuff – namely, both their feelings for each other and an actual plot. A good plot, too, although Bad Things happen. And handily for us, it’s also fantastically written. This is the kind of meaty goodness that I wish more people would write, dangit: there is a sequel, but after something so plot-rich, it paled in comparison.

Being an Anchor and its sequel Location, Location, Location by lanning. This is something I didn’t think I’d ever do, but here I go: I’m reccing a rape fic. I’m doing it warily, and in the knowledge that this fic is neither perfect nor without some of those aspects of rape fic as a genre which bother me. However, generally speaking, it’s worth it: it actually tries very hard to do the seriousness of the subject matter justice, and mostly it succeeds. I think the main thing that mollifies my inner shriek of “gaaah, rape fic!” is that not only does it have a much better handle on the aftermath than most, it actually discusses the reasons for rape… and I’ll just say right now that I haven’t been able to look at the rapist character in the same way since, it does that good a job of showing how their canon behaviour could lead to this. I thought he was a smarmy git anyway, but now, gah. It even does pretty damn well at navigating the traditional Hurt/Comfort tropes that tend to bother me, but really, I’d recommend you read it for other reasons. For instance, there is a lot of fabulous and funny banter, decent length appearances by all major characters (I especially love the Natalie), and some really touching and believable moments.

Five Things That Never Happened to Dan Rydell by shrift. I love good Five Things fics: done well, these little glimpses into alternative universes manage to be gorgeous stories which also manage to get you to think about canon in a new way. And this, my friends, is one of the best Five Things fics I’ve ever read. Shrift is excellent generally, and with this mix of heartwrending angst and cuteness she’s surpassed herself – I especially love the glimpse of Dan as a dad, but every one is thought-provoking and totally worth spending your time on. Meet Dan Rydell as we never knew him, and realise why you love him all over again. Masterful.

The Story of the Hurricane by scrunchy is technically an AU, but really it’s more like they’re just… shifted a few degrees to the left. To become, er meterology nerds. This is, for some reason, inherantly cute. I also connect this to the show’s link with Galveston, Texas... it makes sense in my head that if in some alternative world Natalie’s the weathergirl for Good Morning Galveston, Dan and Casey should also be experiencing hurricanes and such right along with her.

Weekend by Raietta (whose LJ I also do not know). This is set during the Great Second Season Rift between Dan and Casey, when it looks like their friendship might not be indestructable after all, and looks at how that’s affected the lives of everyone around them. Here, the person affected is Charlie McCall… and god, I love Charlie. I especially love Dan’s relationship with Charlie, how clearly he adores this kid who is so very much Casey’s son. And this story does both those things justice, which is saying a lot.

Like Sailing and Home Runs and Not Homophobic by out_there. For some reason I feel the need to point out epics right now, and these are both Epic OMG. That’s a hell of a lot of words, and will keep you going through a long winter evening or two. However, you’ll then finish those two long, fairly plotty pieces and long for more. And fair enough, because Annie writes Dan and Casey like nobody’s business; she’s got a lovely, light style, a sense of the ridiculous that mimics the show beautifully, and so clearly loves these characters that it’s a delight to see. But never fear: she’s written a lot of fic about Sports Night, and all of it is at least worth reading. Some of it falls slightly on the sappier side than I generally like, but, well, this is a fandom where Danny being upset over Casey missing their anniversary is canonical, and that’s even before we get into things like Casey thinking roses and carriage rides in Central Park are the epitome of romance. Who am I to argue with canon? :)

Djibouti by linabean and darthfox is the Danny Turns Thirty story. It had to happen, and frankly, I’m glad it happened like this: it’s adorable, and funny, and is generally excellent Sports Night fun. (The other major characters are actually in it too! And are done really well! So happymaking.) It’s also a little pornier than my usual fanfic tastes in SN, but, well, I know you people are all perverts. And really, the only people who shouldn't read this are those who don't want to know what precocious twelve year olds get up to at camp. Heh.
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In which love is not a victory march. [09 Nov 2005|12:03am]

I thought it only fair to do a post for SG1, since both Katie and I did SGA posts. This will be multi-fandom, just give us some time. It's incredibly easy to get distracted when going through your bookmarks and favorites...

But, yes:

His House Lasts 'til Doomsday
By Salieri
At the small of his back, his spine was a furrow, smooth, as wide as the side of Daniel's hand. The shadows there tasted of salt.

Well. This successfully made my heart crumble into several tiny pieces. It’s short. And it sort of sneaks up on you, and it’s just… it’s painful, but in a very slow, understated kind of way. Don’t let the short rec put you off, it’s just one of those things that does a perfectly good job of speaking for itself.

Soul May Look and Body Touch
By Katie
Daniel finds it kind of funny at first that Jack's shaped in a way that's so different from the kind of music he actually likes. Then he thinks about it, and it isn't so funny anymore.

I believe the proper term for this is “wibble”. But no, really. This is striking. It’s gorgeous. It’s so *visual*. It’s a look into the Abyss (to use exactly the right phrase) through Daniel’s not-quite corporeal eyes. And I just can’t get past the sheer beauty of it. The words, the phrasing, the combination of everything into these amazing images… I cannot praise this enough.

By Mary Jane
It's much more important to look back again at Jack now, to meet Jack's gaze on him, though it's the hardest thing that Daniel's ever done in a life where things have never, never been easy.

This killed me. It just wrecked me. It’s incredible, and perfect, and utterly, utterly unfair. The story starts when Jack dies, and it goes from there, following Daniel. I love the way it’s written, and the way it portrays Daniel. I love that it’s not a happy story, because sometimes things just aren’t supposed to be that way. This is in the top three of my favorite fics ever, because it’s just. So. Good. It hurts, but it’s so, so worth it.

By Nanda
No big deal. I lost a whole planet once.

It’s a Cassie fic. And that in itself is rare, but it’s also a well-written and touching Cassie fic. It shows us Cassie, after Janet’s death, and how she deals with it. And at the same time, it gives as peeks at all the other characters, and their own lives and relationships. It’s not fluffy or sweet, or the most uplifting story, but it leaves you hopeful and it doesn’t descend into cliché angst. And I really, really like that about it.

Iphigenia (Five Things That Never Happened to Charlie O’Neill)
By Katie
Eventually, he got bored, and put the gun away with a mingled sense of guilt and triumph. It wasn't every day that he got to prove that his father made stupid rules.

This sort of made my mind explode. It’s my favorite of the Five Things fics. It’s short, to the point, and really packs a punch. I distinctly remember thinking “What the hell does Iphigenia have to do with anything?” and coming to the end of this and quietly going “… Oh.” It’s a wonderfully original idea, and this format is the perfect outlet for it. It’s been on my favorites list for ages, and I’m pretty sure it’s not too widely known, and therefore you must all scurry forth and read it.

Dare to Know
By Otter
Daniel supposed that there were some things which, once begun, could not be taken back.

It’s a metaphor, you see, and it’s damn good. I could easily rec most everything by Otter, but this… this is subtle. It’s Jack and Daniel, but not how you might think. It offers a different perspective, and it does it in a natural, easy kind of way. And okay, I’m just a sucker for the metaphor thing, but Otter does it really, *really* well.

Sense Of
By Ness
Silence fills the infirmary. It's the second worst thing she's ever heard.

This is disturbing. It’s really, really disturbing. It’s *good*, but it’s just creepy as all hell. To summarize it is almost like lying really, because I could easily say “Sam and Jack end up together” and you’d go off thinking that at least they end up happily ever after, and that would be a vicious, vicious lie. It packs a punch, boys and girls, and it’ll probably stay with you for a while, all in the best way.

My First Stargate Story
By Halrloprillalar

No quote for this one either, because I can’t pick just one. This is too funny. It’s a parody on every badfic cliché ever written in the Stargate universe. My personal favorite is the fact that Teal’c’s every sentence starts with “On Chulak”. Try incorporating this into your daily life, it’s amusing, I promise. Ahem. Anyway. You need to put down your drinks, and go read this. I laughed. I laughed A LOT.

Do Not Stray
By Otter
Sha'uri joins her father for the evening meal, sits quietly and watches the stars; she hums, but only in her head, and feels that something too brief is already ending.

I have my own individual reasons for loving this story, but from a completely impartial point of view, it’s still a marvelous read. It’s a sort of peek into the life of Daniel and Sha’uri, and I know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but please don’t let that be a deciding factor. It’s not a love story, so much as it’s a closer look at un-told canon. Not your typical Stargate fic. It’s also Otter, which should in itself be reason enough to read it.

By Katie
Jacob called Selmak "the little woman" in private for months, until she didn't feel female anymore, and every year they celebrated an anniversary.

The summary actually says it quite well: “The Tokra, in five movements.” You don’t get this very often, this sort of minor character fic. Although calling it that almost belittles it, in a way. It shows us five different Tokra and presents them as real, fully made characters. It’s original and it’s *good*.

A Memory of Falling
By Brighid

No quote because poem. And I realize that sentence is missing words. I seem to have a new-found love for poetry. Or perhaps it’s just the images this brings to mind, or the fact that it says quite a bit in a short, and not necessarily consecutive piece of writing. I know poetry tends to be more personal, and different people come away with different things, but this is worth looking at, for everyone.
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to be entwined is a joyous thing [08 Nov 2005|10:43pm]

I'm a big fan of crossovers. I happily admit that most are painful and scary and should never see the light of day, but the good ones... oh, the good ones, in my opinion, make up for it a thousand times.

A Study In Emerald, by none other than Neil “and then they all died” Gaiman, is something that many said could never be done: a Sherlock Holmes/HP Lovecraft crossover. I am not much for the fanfic in either of those fandoms, so I hope you will understand my full meaning when I say that it’s also, as of this posting, tying in first place for Best Fanfic I Have Ever Read. It’s amazing. I wrote a long, spoilery review thing here, I loved it so. It’s everything the best fanfic should be; it’s funny, it’s amazingly written, and best of all, it tells you so much about both canons while being entirely its own thing. Even if you’ve never read any Conan Doyle or Lovecraft, then you should, simply so that you will be able to appreciate this fanfic. It won’t take long - you want Study in Scarlet, The Final Problem, The Empty House, and Call of Cthulu, but that’s it. It’s all for free online, too. Go on. You won’t regret it.

(And if you do, I promise to send you cookies or something. That’s how confident I am, people.)

Daemonology by trinityofone is a Stargate:Atlantis/His Dark Materials crossover fic of joy. Even if you’ve never read His Dark Materials, because while obviously you should, like, right now, the author has kindly provided a cheat sheet so even you, poor deprived soul, can appreciate this fic. Because it’s just that good. This is one of the ideas that should never work, but then in the right hands it does, and is all the better for it. This is definitely helped here, though, by the fact it’s less a strict crossover and more a…fusion, a binding of the universes, rather than something like “Lyra and Will go to Atlantis”. It’s simply beautiful; heartbreaking and funny and cute and perfect, all at once. It combines the best things from both canons amazingly. It’s true, in the way that the best literature is, the way His Dark Materials is, and I can give it no higher praise than that.

Change is the Only Constant by marag. This crosses over House with the DC universe. I hate to say it, because it sounds not just bad but impossible. However, it’s true, and getting that out immediately is probably best. Because people, if you know anything about either fandom, you don’t want to miss this. It’s not often you can say this about crossovers, and certainly not about House and Batman, but… this makes so much sense. It explains both worlds – especially some of the crazier plotlines in the DCU – so much better than the canon did. It’s amazing, in all senses of the word. Plus, this time it really is vasculitis, and that just makes me happy. Hee.

The Gargantuan Garden by yahtzee63 is Series of Unfortunate Events crossed with Edward Scissorhands. (I am so glad at this point that it’s gen, because the alternative is kind of brain-breaking.) It’s one of those things that is tiny and weirdly perfect because it makes such a perfectly bizarre kind of sense. One of those things that makes me see the sadness of both canons in a new way, while also imparting a weird sense of hope. It's very quiet, and simply lovely, a bit like sitting and watching the rain fall on the rolling hills.

Where Did All The Physics Go? by amireal is an Atlantis crossover with… a fandom that the author would rather not be revealed in advance. All you need to know is that basically anybody will be able to read this and share in its cracktastic joy. It’s especially notable for the hilarity of the characters responses to, er, the crossing over. I was just vastly, vastly amused the whole way through, especially by the Zelenka. HEE.

Thospar by scrunchy is another of the sga_fusion-inspired fics, but like the His Dark Materials one, it too manages to combine the two canons involved in a refreshing and wonderful way. In this case, that would be Stargate: Atlantis and, ah, Sports Night, the sort-of sitcom about a sports wrap-up show that Aaron Sorkin did before The West Wing. It turns out that the result of this mix is frothy, delightful and overly caffienated; it’s a joy, seriously. You’ll need to see Sports Night to appreciate it, because a lot of the joy comes from the canonical references, but once you have, well: say hi to Lt. Hurley, Dr Goodwin, and Majors McCall and Rydell. We even get a happy side-order of the traditional Atlantis crew as well, because we’re lucky that way.

Vindication by Calypso (who I think is mzcalypso, but am willing to be corrected). This is the archetypal Horatio Hornblower crossover: sheer revisionism in which [x character from another fandom] turns up and makes sure that the Incident In The West Indies That Shalt Not Be Spoke Of doesn’t end the way it does in canon. In this case, it’s Stephen Maturin from the Master and Commander books. But while that sounds cheesy… this, here, is more or less why those stories exist. It is the Plato’s Form of revisionism, if you like. It is wonderful, and OK, yes, dammit I wish this had happened instead. But with this fic, I want that just as much for the lovely Maturin snark as for the end result, and that’s saying a lot.
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In which there is more fic. [08 Nov 2005|03:43pm]

A Beautiful Lifetime Event
by shallot
"This is an accident with Ancient technology, not a beautiful lifetime event! I want a goddamn morning-after pill!"

Nothing I say can quite do this justice. To summarize it makes it sound like a total crack!fic (John and Rodney have a baby), but it’s really, really not. It’s brilliant, and well-written, and well-thought, and hilarious and touching and and and. It’s one of those stories that you just have to read. It’s absolutely worth it, and if you read nothing else, you have to read this. Seriously.

Five Men Teyla Emmagan Was Never Attracted To
By Tigerlady
Teyla was used to sublimating her passions.

Teyla fic! And better yet, GOOD Teyla fic! This is lovely. It’s gives us a look at a very complex character, and it does it without being cliché or over the top. And it also shows us other characters, through Teyla’s eyes, and gives us a side of them that’s not always evident in the show. And, as if all this wasn’t reason enough to go read it, it has a touch of McShep thrown in, which kind of just makes my life.

Learning To Breathe
by Speranza
Now, there are only two hands, and even if he runs down the corridors trailing his hands along the walls, it isn't enough; he can't touch all the things that want to be touched.

I’m in love with the concept of John and Atlantis and all the implications and issues involved in that particular ‘relationship’. And this totally feeds that obsession. It’s different, and it’s good, and it’s on every SGA rec list out there, but with valid reason. Read it.

The Crane Wife
by Brighid
"Cranes are long life," she says and Alise laughs.

Okay. My little snippet of a rec here isn’t going to do this justice. The best I can do is my explanation to soupytwist : "This is a fic about minor characters" isn't really right. "This shows Atlantis from the sidelines" isn't either because it's just... it's being in the same world of Atlantis, but you're not looking through the same pairs of eyes your used to, you know? You're seeing these moments that are almost glossed over in the show from the perspective of someone whose life is sort of made up of those moments... Seriously, just go read it. Trust me? Humour me?

By Tigs
"Okay, yes, we understand. All hail the Hail Mary, but what I want to know, Lieutenant Ford, is why you brought along a deck of cards. How could that possibly, out of everything back on Earth, be the one thing that you couldn’t leave behind?"

Oh Ford. He makes me happy in this particular gem of a fic. It was written for the Personal Items challenge on sga_flashfic, and I think it’s my favorite of all the entries. It explores this idea that Ford brought a deck of cards, and it gives us this great look into the beginnings of the Team’s stay in Atlantis. It’s a very nice, intimate sort of peek into that particular time in early season one. It’s lovely.

By Jane St. Clair
For a long time, Carson was doling out the stimulants, but then there were carved-up bodies, and Carson had more important things to do, so Rodney and Radek just helped themselves.

It’s Rodney and Zelenka, after the whole “The Wraith are coming, the Wraith are coming” thing at the end of season one. They’re coming down off of whatever it is they used to keep awake and functioning, and they’re in a locked room, together. So they talk. We get snippets of their past, and a really well-written description of the actual detox process, and just overall great interaction.

By Kharessa Bloodrose
John would still know that the balance had shifted and that consensuality had become a fiction that he maintained for both their sakes.

Well. This is. Um. It’s creepy. It’s insanely creepy, and it really takes the whole non-con thing to different levels. It’s in the “Lost Boys” time period, and it’s John and Rodney, and don’t let the non-con thing put you off. Because it’s not what you’re used to, because it explores both the wraith-enzyme effect and the John/Rodney relationship and it’s… it’s twisted, but not graphic and bad. It makes you think, if nothing else, and that’s worth something.

Of Two Hours
By Tigs
"McKay," Radek says without preamble. He does not see Rodney in the main room, which means there is only one place for him to be. "Tell me he is not hiding in toilet."

Zelenka! You must read this for the Zelenka! You must also read it for the adorable John/Rodney, and the humour, and the character interaction, and the writing, but really. It all comes back to Zelenka. It’s perfect for angst relief, and just trust me. You’ll love it.

Legion the Things I Would Give to Oblivion
By Auburn
For almost two weeks, they worked steadily, knowing the odds against any of them returning, until only a skeleton crew remained in the city. Too long.

This is another fic that’s on every rec list out there. Which really ought to be taken as a hint to go read it because, really, it is… incredible. It’s the kind of fic that hits you in just the right places, and wears you down. It’s not going to leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling, but it is SO. WELL. DONE. Long after I first read this, I kept pondering the intricacies of it, and the way the title is just perfect, and it all just goes to show that this is one of those fics that stays with you. It’s John and Rodney- among other things, it’s haunting, and it’s completely worth the time to sit and work your way through.

Another Word for Optimism
By Celli Lane
He pointed at John. "My gene works better after we've had sex!"

This is too funny. Summarizing is pointless, so I’m just going to poke you in the general direction of this fic. I mean, seriously, how often do you have happy, optimistic Rodney? Hmm? How often is that whole basis of a fic? It’s brilliant, I promise, and you’ll want to put down any drinks you’ve got nearby.

By princess_bunny
Then there was the first time John had stood in front of a mirror naked and Rodney had gotten a full frontal. He was slightly amazed that John didn’t fall forward under the weight.

More of the funny. This is what I like to think of as a nice break from fandom. That may sound more offensive than I’m intending, but what I mean is that, this doesn’t make me ponder the deeper meanings of the show, doesn’t make me angst over the characters. It made me laugh out loud and frantically post lines from it to soupytwist over IM. Go, giggle.

By Brighid

No nifty quote from this one because it’s a poem, and it’s meant to be read together. A poem? You might ask. And I would have to tell you that, yes. It’s a Stargate poem. And it rocks my socks, because it’s possibly the only piece of writing that makes me like Elizabeth. Seriously, my favorite fic is the one where she’s UNCONSCIOUS. Not the point. The point is that Brighid is amazing and has a way with words that I’d probably give my left pinky for.
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Bienvenue, tout le monde! [08 Nov 2005|07:41pm]

So, hello and welcome! If you stumbled here accidentally, the exists are to the rear of the vehicle and may be used at any time. Otherwise, here we go with the reccing, because I have this current obsession with Stargate: Atlantis to share.

First up, Instantaneous by cimness. Cimorene is one of those people whose works I tend to treat like holy writ anyway: hers is the kind of stuff I'd like to be able to write when I grow up, beautiful and perfect in a way that changes so effortlessly depending on the type of story that you hardly even notice it. When I first saw she'd written Atlantis fic I went "eeeeeeeeeeeeeesdjoiewjoifewji!!!!!!!!!" This is her take on John and Rodney, and it's probably the closest in feel to the actual show I've seen. Good writing and delightful characterisation are almost taken for granted from authors like that, but it shouldn’t be, because this is, well, excellent.

The ‘Getting to Know You’ stories by lamardeuse are a series designed to illustrate how John and Rodney having a relationship might fit into canon. That, I should say, is my absolute favourite kind of fanfic ever, so I am possibly a little biased. This is the closest thing to the John/Rodney story in my head I’ve been able to find, and every update just makes me squeal a little more. Everything by lamardeuse is excellent – she can write both funny and serious, and weilds geeky references with skill – but this series is something else. It made me go “DAAAAAAAMNNN YOUUUUUUU”, because I totally wish I’d written it, but in the end I had to admit I’m glad she did anyway.

Terra Firma by scribblesinsand is what would have happened if John and Rodney hooked up on their trip back to Earth. Really cute, just lovely in a very John/Rodney way. It’s sort of captured the essence of why I like them, I think; the John and Rodney in my head didn’t hook up while on Earth, but if they had, it would be like this. Delightful – it feels very organic and natural, which is one of my favourite things about good fic.

Flying Blind by minnow1212 is that rare thing, fantastic gen fic. I’ve obviously never been stationed in an alien galaxy where everything’s out to get me and I have no way of knowing what might be around any corner, let alone through the Stargate, but I imagine it would be something like this. It’s been described as the best episode never written, and yeah, I’d say that’s about true – this has every “like canon but better” aspect of fanfic that I like best. Mmm.

Face Value, also by minnow1212 is also excellent, but it’s not gen. This is Rodney/John slash, and squee. This is totally my way of saying that you should read everything minnow1212 has written, but wow, I love this fic. I love the telepathy, and how it’s done neither stupidly nor as an excuse to get the two characters together. I love that Rodney is totally himself the whole way through. I love this Zelenka, if anything, even more. I love how it plays out, and how beautifully and effortlessly a fandom cliché is inverted and messed with. I love what that inversion says about the characters, and how true it is. I love that it’s funny in the right proportions. I love that it’s so well written. And yes, you would be right to note that I have a lot of love for this story. :)

Intersections by kaneko is the only fic I’ve read that makes me really believe in a John/Rodney relationship that starts before they go to Atlantis. That in and of itself hopefully illustrates the amazing… er… amazingness of this fic, but wow. There are lists, and equations, and people who you really believe in every step of the way, and every single one is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. I wish I could manage this lovely combination of angst and humour and cuteness. As it is, I’ll just have to say that the last paragraph is one of my favourites ever, and that every mention of clowns now makes me laugh hysterically. One of the best fics I’ve read in any fandom, ever.

Quest, by wax_jism. In this, the team are knights on a sacred quest (if you consider trying to save Princess – hee! - Rodney a sacred quest, which I kind of do and John definitely does). It’s quite short and violent, with a whole lot more weight to it than its length implies. I love fics where most of it takes place between the lines, and this does that really well. The Ford POV is also notable for its rarity, and should thus be squeed about. Awww, Ford.

AS by frostfire_17. It’s John and Rodney in the week after they first have sex, it’s short, and it’s lovely. I giggled one whole hell of a lot. This is the kind of fluff that Atlantis fandom does really well, and this is my favourite example of the genre: the last bit is particularly hysterical and adorable.

Do Not Use High Beams In Fog by basingstoke is probably my second favourite example. Like AS, it’s effortlessly light and funny and just lovely. Not enough to curl up with for an evening, yeah, but as a snack, it works just right.

Cred by resonant8 is one of my favourite of the snacky fics. It’s a bit different in that it’s not exactly canon, more… a self-conciously wish-fullfilment version of canon, but it’s such lovely wish-fulfilment that it’s hard to argue with it. Especially if you’re as big a fan of dorks and their dorkiness as I am. Heh. Er, anyway: it’s about John having a crush on Rodney, and it’s great. Go, eat a biscuit.

Call by julad is another small, cute, perfect fic. It also has that wonderful Atlantis quality of being gorgeously fluffy and adorable while also totally in character and believable. There are relatively few characters anywhere with whom you can get away with that, but here are some of them. Yay: behold the power of snark! (And also, in this one, popcorn. Aww.)

Double Occupancy by isiscolo is especially impressive in that while it uses the minds-sharing-one-body idea from Duet, it actually predates that by quite a bit. It also totally blows the canon out of the water – which is also impressive, considering that I really liked the episode. This is seriously excellent: again, the balance of angst and humour is really good, and oh, dude, the plot. I love the thought that’s gone into this, because wow, it seriously pays off. Truly excellent.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Give Or Take) by merryish contains one of those ideas that suddenly becomes the most obvious thing in the world. I remember the first time I read this, I spent about five minutes going “dude, dude, of course!” That remains my favourite thing about this story, but really, I’m spoiled for choice. There’s actual plot, the dialogue and characterisation rock beyond possible description, it’s hilarious, it’s the good kind of cute, it’s beautifully written… and then the central premise, which is now forever part of my mental canon. Go and read it, people. There’s a reason it’s on every rec list ever.

Abstain by resonant8. One of my favourite things about Atlantis fandom is the sheer number of beautiful variations on the Aliens Made Them Do It trope. Some are funny, some are tragic and angst-ridden and traumatic, and others – like this – are simply genius. Because this, people, is the Aliens Make Them Not Have Sex fic that the world has been waiting for since time began. Seriously. Genius. I laughed the whole time.

Proof by Contradiction by astolat is one of those stories that doesn’t really need any description, because mostly when you mention the title people will go “oh, yeah! I really liked that one!” This is because Shalott is a consistent producer of ridiculously good fic, and this is one of them. It’s cute, it’s funny, it’s… well, it’s also Aliens Made Them Do It fic, but this one actually looks at the aftermath, and oh, the fantastic messing with the cliché that produces something readable and interesting and believable. I am all a-squee.

Day Break by giddygeek is one of the best takes on a certain cliche I’ve ever seen. Actually, scrap that – one of the best fics I’ve seen, full stop. If more fics were this good, I would… get even less work done than I already do. Anyway. In this one, John has a Really Sucky Day and gets to look rumpled, Rodney gets to Punish the Idiots in his own inimitable fashion, Zelenka gets to prove that he is both wonderful and fabulous, and note-passing helps the world go round. In short, this is one of fics I can re-read multiple times and still come away feeling happier, wrapped in the warm blanket of lovliness that is Atlantis. Or something like that. Heh.

A Blue True Dream Of Sky by isilya. It’s John and Rodney in the outback. That is not a concept that particularly appeals to me, since despite all appearances I don’t like AU fics all that much… except it’s actually them and the version of the Wraith she’s thought up is both inspired and really, really creepy. Even if this wasn’t fanfic for a show I love, it’d be an excellent story with a fascinating premise. And did I mention the excellent?

I have also discovered a love of the crackfic I never thought I would. Atlantis fandom appears to be full of people with a beautiful sense of the ridiculous, who can take completely crazy ideas and then make art out of it. Good art, stories that are lovely and funny and touching and which comment on, explain and are otherwise connected to the canon in multiple ways. Atlantis canon seems to be particularly good at incorporating the crack, for some reason: maybe it's the aliens, maybe it's the occasionally frivolous nature of the show, maybe it's just that they're all such dorks that their responses to things tend to rock. Who knows? At least it gives us such wonderful things as...

He’s Having Her Baby! and its sequel, He’s Having His Baby!, by rageprufrock. This is one of those things that should never happen: GOOD mpreg fic?! But these two fics are hilarious, and gorgeous, and touching, and just so excellent in their own cracked out way that it’s impossible for me not to rec them. It definitely feels weird to say “if ever men are going to get pregnant in the Pegasus galaxy I hope it happens like this”, but, well, I do hope that. Because these rock.

Also by rageprufrock, who is possibly the Crack Goddess of Atlantis fandom, is Bell Curve (or Ladies Night At The Boom Boom Room), which is… the John’s A Stripper story. You have no idea how much I wish I was kidding. I cannot believe I’m reccing a “John’s a Stripper” story. It’s also a WIP (I’ll change the link to her fic site once it’s done *crosses fingers, knocks on wood*), so that’s two of my usual taboos I’ve just broken. This is, though, an actually really believable, lovely story. I especially adore Rodney here, and the way that even the crackiest moments (namely, John being a stripper, because “omg wtf”) are actually explained and given depth and believability. Plus, it’s just really, really fun – well-written, giggle-inducing, cute, engaging. Fab.

No Refunds or Exchanges by astolat is a believable AU where John is a mail-order bride. No, seriously! Stop laughing! … Well, OK, it is funny, and has to be to work (which it does, in defiance of all known laws of God and Harlequin). But it’s also surprisingly touching and lovely and real, while also having an honest-to-god Harlequin plot. One of my favourite entries for a sga_flashfic challenge; simply genius. And I don’t use that word lightly: dude, the idea of the skill it takes to make such crack work makes my head hurt. I am in awe!

The Hostage Major by frostfire_17 was another Harlequin challenge response. I initially put it right near the bottom of my list of fics to read; the kind of AU where Rodney kidnaps John is not my cup of tea, for reasons many and various. But then it turned out I was totally wrong, because this is good. John is John and Rodney is Rodney, with all the funny and angst and bitchiness that implies, and the plot is actually surprisingly excellent. (That it existed at all was surprising in and of itself.) The little twists are all worth reading for, the writing remains decent throughout with moments of squeely joy, and finding out how… OK, I’m not spoiling that. Instead, I’ll just say that this is actually totally worth reading, and I officially petition the world for its greater recognition. Heh.

When In Haldoria by cesperanza. This has been described as a “cracked-out excuse for an orgy”, and, well, yeah, it is. However, it’s also side-splittingly funny (if you’re me), surprisingly adorable, and just over-all fabulous. And I do mean fabulous with every swishy, fake-silk-wearing, fur-lined-cloak-loving implication of the term. Heh.
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