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In which there is more fic.

A Beautiful Lifetime Event
by shallot
"This is an accident with Ancient technology, not a beautiful lifetime event! I want a goddamn morning-after pill!"

Nothing I say can quite do this justice. To summarize it makes it sound like a total crack!fic (John and Rodney have a baby), but it’s really, really not. It’s brilliant, and well-written, and well-thought, and hilarious and touching and and and. It’s one of those stories that you just have to read. It’s absolutely worth it, and if you read nothing else, you have to read this. Seriously.

Five Men Teyla Emmagan Was Never Attracted To
By Tigerlady
Teyla was used to sublimating her passions.

Teyla fic! And better yet, GOOD Teyla fic! This is lovely. It’s gives us a look at a very complex character, and it does it without being cliché or over the top. And it also shows us other characters, through Teyla’s eyes, and gives us a side of them that’s not always evident in the show. And, as if all this wasn’t reason enough to go read it, it has a touch of McShep thrown in, which kind of just makes my life.

Learning To Breathe
by Speranza
Now, there are only two hands, and even if he runs down the corridors trailing his hands along the walls, it isn't enough; he can't touch all the things that want to be touched.

I’m in love with the concept of John and Atlantis and all the implications and issues involved in that particular ‘relationship’. And this totally feeds that obsession. It’s different, and it’s good, and it’s on every SGA rec list out there, but with valid reason. Read it.

The Crane Wife
by Brighid
"Cranes are long life," she says and Alise laughs.

Okay. My little snippet of a rec here isn’t going to do this justice. The best I can do is my explanation to soupytwist : "This is a fic about minor characters" isn't really right. "This shows Atlantis from the sidelines" isn't either because it's just... it's being in the same world of Atlantis, but you're not looking through the same pairs of eyes your used to, you know? You're seeing these moments that are almost glossed over in the show from the perspective of someone whose life is sort of made up of those moments... Seriously, just go read it. Trust me? Humour me?

By Tigs
"Okay, yes, we understand. All hail the Hail Mary, but what I want to know, Lieutenant Ford, is why you brought along a deck of cards. How could that possibly, out of everything back on Earth, be the one thing that you couldn’t leave behind?"

Oh Ford. He makes me happy in this particular gem of a fic. It was written for the Personal Items challenge on sga_flashfic, and I think it’s my favorite of all the entries. It explores this idea that Ford brought a deck of cards, and it gives us this great look into the beginnings of the Team’s stay in Atlantis. It’s a very nice, intimate sort of peek into that particular time in early season one. It’s lovely.

By Jane St. Clair
For a long time, Carson was doling out the stimulants, but then there were carved-up bodies, and Carson had more important things to do, so Rodney and Radek just helped themselves.

It’s Rodney and Zelenka, after the whole “The Wraith are coming, the Wraith are coming” thing at the end of season one. They’re coming down off of whatever it is they used to keep awake and functioning, and they’re in a locked room, together. So they talk. We get snippets of their past, and a really well-written description of the actual detox process, and just overall great interaction.

By Kharessa Bloodrose
John would still know that the balance had shifted and that consensuality had become a fiction that he maintained for both their sakes.

Well. This is. Um. It’s creepy. It’s insanely creepy, and it really takes the whole non-con thing to different levels. It’s in the “Lost Boys” time period, and it’s John and Rodney, and don’t let the non-con thing put you off. Because it’s not what you’re used to, because it explores both the wraith-enzyme effect and the John/Rodney relationship and it’s… it’s twisted, but not graphic and bad. It makes you think, if nothing else, and that’s worth something.

Of Two Hours
By Tigs
"McKay," Radek says without preamble. He does not see Rodney in the main room, which means there is only one place for him to be. "Tell me he is not hiding in toilet."

Zelenka! You must read this for the Zelenka! You must also read it for the adorable John/Rodney, and the humour, and the character interaction, and the writing, but really. It all comes back to Zelenka. It’s perfect for angst relief, and just trust me. You’ll love it.

Legion the Things I Would Give to Oblivion
By Auburn
For almost two weeks, they worked steadily, knowing the odds against any of them returning, until only a skeleton crew remained in the city. Too long.

This is another fic that’s on every rec list out there. Which really ought to be taken as a hint to go read it because, really, it is… incredible. It’s the kind of fic that hits you in just the right places, and wears you down. It’s not going to leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling, but it is SO. WELL. DONE. Long after I first read this, I kept pondering the intricacies of it, and the way the title is just perfect, and it all just goes to show that this is one of those fics that stays with you. It’s John and Rodney- among other things, it’s haunting, and it’s completely worth the time to sit and work your way through.

Another Word for Optimism
By Celli Lane
He pointed at John. "My gene works better after we've had sex!"

This is too funny. Summarizing is pointless, so I’m just going to poke you in the general direction of this fic. I mean, seriously, how often do you have happy, optimistic Rodney? Hmm? How often is that whole basis of a fic? It’s brilliant, I promise, and you’ll want to put down any drinks you’ve got nearby.

By princess_bunny
Then there was the first time John had stood in front of a mirror naked and Rodney had gotten a full frontal. He was slightly amazed that John didn’t fall forward under the weight.

More of the funny. This is what I like to think of as a nice break from fandom. That may sound more offensive than I’m intending, but what I mean is that, this doesn’t make me ponder the deeper meanings of the show, doesn’t make me angst over the characters. It made me laugh out loud and frantically post lines from it to soupytwist over IM. Go, giggle.

By Brighid

No nifty quote from this one because it’s a poem, and it’s meant to be read together. A poem? You might ask. And I would have to tell you that, yes. It’s a Stargate poem. And it rocks my socks, because it’s possibly the only piece of writing that makes me like Elizabeth. Seriously, my favorite fic is the one where she’s UNCONSCIOUS. Not the point. The point is that Brighid is amazing and has a way with words that I’d probably give my left pinky for.
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