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Bienvenue, tout le monde!

So, hello and welcome! If you stumbled here accidentally, the exists are to the rear of the vehicle and may be used at any time. Otherwise, here we go with the reccing, because I have this current obsession with Stargate: Atlantis to share.

First up, Instantaneous by cimness. Cimorene is one of those people whose works I tend to treat like holy writ anyway: hers is the kind of stuff I'd like to be able to write when I grow up, beautiful and perfect in a way that changes so effortlessly depending on the type of story that you hardly even notice it. When I first saw she'd written Atlantis fic I went "eeeeeeeeeeeeeesdjoiewjoifewji!!!!!!!!!" This is her take on John and Rodney, and it's probably the closest in feel to the actual show I've seen. Good writing and delightful characterisation are almost taken for granted from authors like that, but it shouldn’t be, because this is, well, excellent.

The ‘Getting to Know You’ stories by lamardeuse are a series designed to illustrate how John and Rodney having a relationship might fit into canon. That, I should say, is my absolute favourite kind of fanfic ever, so I am possibly a little biased. This is the closest thing to the John/Rodney story in my head I’ve been able to find, and every update just makes me squeal a little more. Everything by lamardeuse is excellent – she can write both funny and serious, and weilds geeky references with skill – but this series is something else. It made me go “DAAAAAAAMNNN YOUUUUUUU”, because I totally wish I’d written it, but in the end I had to admit I’m glad she did anyway.

Terra Firma by scribblesinsand is what would have happened if John and Rodney hooked up on their trip back to Earth. Really cute, just lovely in a very John/Rodney way. It’s sort of captured the essence of why I like them, I think; the John and Rodney in my head didn’t hook up while on Earth, but if they had, it would be like this. Delightful – it feels very organic and natural, which is one of my favourite things about good fic.

Flying Blind by minnow1212 is that rare thing, fantastic gen fic. I’ve obviously never been stationed in an alien galaxy where everything’s out to get me and I have no way of knowing what might be around any corner, let alone through the Stargate, but I imagine it would be something like this. It’s been described as the best episode never written, and yeah, I’d say that’s about true – this has every “like canon but better” aspect of fanfic that I like best. Mmm.

Face Value, also by minnow1212 is also excellent, but it’s not gen. This is Rodney/John slash, and squee. This is totally my way of saying that you should read everything minnow1212 has written, but wow, I love this fic. I love the telepathy, and how it’s done neither stupidly nor as an excuse to get the two characters together. I love that Rodney is totally himself the whole way through. I love this Zelenka, if anything, even more. I love how it plays out, and how beautifully and effortlessly a fandom cliché is inverted and messed with. I love what that inversion says about the characters, and how true it is. I love that it’s funny in the right proportions. I love that it’s so well written. And yes, you would be right to note that I have a lot of love for this story. :)

Intersections by kaneko is the only fic I’ve read that makes me really believe in a John/Rodney relationship that starts before they go to Atlantis. That in and of itself hopefully illustrates the amazing… er… amazingness of this fic, but wow. There are lists, and equations, and people who you really believe in every step of the way, and every single one is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. I wish I could manage this lovely combination of angst and humour and cuteness. As it is, I’ll just have to say that the last paragraph is one of my favourites ever, and that every mention of clowns now makes me laugh hysterically. One of the best fics I’ve read in any fandom, ever.

Quest, by wax_jism. In this, the team are knights on a sacred quest (if you consider trying to save Princess – hee! - Rodney a sacred quest, which I kind of do and John definitely does). It’s quite short and violent, with a whole lot more weight to it than its length implies. I love fics where most of it takes place between the lines, and this does that really well. The Ford POV is also notable for its rarity, and should thus be squeed about. Awww, Ford.

AS by frostfire_17. It’s John and Rodney in the week after they first have sex, it’s short, and it’s lovely. I giggled one whole hell of a lot. This is the kind of fluff that Atlantis fandom does really well, and this is my favourite example of the genre: the last bit is particularly hysterical and adorable.

Do Not Use High Beams In Fog by basingstoke is probably my second favourite example. Like AS, it’s effortlessly light and funny and just lovely. Not enough to curl up with for an evening, yeah, but as a snack, it works just right.

Cred by resonant8 is one of my favourite of the snacky fics. It’s a bit different in that it’s not exactly canon, more… a self-conciously wish-fullfilment version of canon, but it’s such lovely wish-fulfilment that it’s hard to argue with it. Especially if you’re as big a fan of dorks and their dorkiness as I am. Heh. Er, anyway: it’s about John having a crush on Rodney, and it’s great. Go, eat a biscuit.

Call by julad is another small, cute, perfect fic. It also has that wonderful Atlantis quality of being gorgeously fluffy and adorable while also totally in character and believable. There are relatively few characters anywhere with whom you can get away with that, but here are some of them. Yay: behold the power of snark! (And also, in this one, popcorn. Aww.)

Double Occupancy by isiscolo is especially impressive in that while it uses the minds-sharing-one-body idea from Duet, it actually predates that by quite a bit. It also totally blows the canon out of the water – which is also impressive, considering that I really liked the episode. This is seriously excellent: again, the balance of angst and humour is really good, and oh, dude, the plot. I love the thought that’s gone into this, because wow, it seriously pays off. Truly excellent.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Give Or Take) by merryish contains one of those ideas that suddenly becomes the most obvious thing in the world. I remember the first time I read this, I spent about five minutes going “dude, dude, of course!” That remains my favourite thing about this story, but really, I’m spoiled for choice. There’s actual plot, the dialogue and characterisation rock beyond possible description, it’s hilarious, it’s the good kind of cute, it’s beautifully written… and then the central premise, which is now forever part of my mental canon. Go and read it, people. There’s a reason it’s on every rec list ever.

Abstain by resonant8. One of my favourite things about Atlantis fandom is the sheer number of beautiful variations on the Aliens Made Them Do It trope. Some are funny, some are tragic and angst-ridden and traumatic, and others – like this – are simply genius. Because this, people, is the Aliens Make Them Not Have Sex fic that the world has been waiting for since time began. Seriously. Genius. I laughed the whole time.

Proof by Contradiction by astolat is one of those stories that doesn’t really need any description, because mostly when you mention the title people will go “oh, yeah! I really liked that one!” This is because Shalott is a consistent producer of ridiculously good fic, and this is one of them. It’s cute, it’s funny, it’s… well, it’s also Aliens Made Them Do It fic, but this one actually looks at the aftermath, and oh, the fantastic messing with the cliché that produces something readable and interesting and believable. I am all a-squee.

Day Break by giddygeek is one of the best takes on a certain cliche I’ve ever seen. Actually, scrap that – one of the best fics I’ve seen, full stop. If more fics were this good, I would… get even less work done than I already do. Anyway. In this one, John has a Really Sucky Day and gets to look rumpled, Rodney gets to Punish the Idiots in his own inimitable fashion, Zelenka gets to prove that he is both wonderful and fabulous, and note-passing helps the world go round. In short, this is one of fics I can re-read multiple times and still come away feeling happier, wrapped in the warm blanket of lovliness that is Atlantis. Or something like that. Heh.

A Blue True Dream Of Sky by isilya. It’s John and Rodney in the outback. That is not a concept that particularly appeals to me, since despite all appearances I don’t like AU fics all that much… except it’s actually them and the version of the Wraith she’s thought up is both inspired and really, really creepy. Even if this wasn’t fanfic for a show I love, it’d be an excellent story with a fascinating premise. And did I mention the excellent?

I have also discovered a love of the crackfic I never thought I would. Atlantis fandom appears to be full of people with a beautiful sense of the ridiculous, who can take completely crazy ideas and then make art out of it. Good art, stories that are lovely and funny and touching and which comment on, explain and are otherwise connected to the canon in multiple ways. Atlantis canon seems to be particularly good at incorporating the crack, for some reason: maybe it's the aliens, maybe it's the occasionally frivolous nature of the show, maybe it's just that they're all such dorks that their responses to things tend to rock. Who knows? At least it gives us such wonderful things as...

He’s Having Her Baby! and its sequel, He’s Having His Baby!, by rageprufrock. This is one of those things that should never happen: GOOD mpreg fic?! But these two fics are hilarious, and gorgeous, and touching, and just so excellent in their own cracked out way that it’s impossible for me not to rec them. It definitely feels weird to say “if ever men are going to get pregnant in the Pegasus galaxy I hope it happens like this”, but, well, I do hope that. Because these rock.

Also by rageprufrock, who is possibly the Crack Goddess of Atlantis fandom, is Bell Curve (or Ladies Night At The Boom Boom Room), which is… the John’s A Stripper story. You have no idea how much I wish I was kidding. I cannot believe I’m reccing a “John’s a Stripper” story. It’s also a WIP (I’ll change the link to her fic site once it’s done *crosses fingers, knocks on wood*), so that’s two of my usual taboos I’ve just broken. This is, though, an actually really believable, lovely story. I especially adore Rodney here, and the way that even the crackiest moments (namely, John being a stripper, because “omg wtf”) are actually explained and given depth and believability. Plus, it’s just really, really fun – well-written, giggle-inducing, cute, engaging. Fab.

No Refunds or Exchanges by astolat is a believable AU where John is a mail-order bride. No, seriously! Stop laughing! … Well, OK, it is funny, and has to be to work (which it does, in defiance of all known laws of God and Harlequin). But it’s also surprisingly touching and lovely and real, while also having an honest-to-god Harlequin plot. One of my favourite entries for a sga_flashfic challenge; simply genius. And I don’t use that word lightly: dude, the idea of the skill it takes to make such crack work makes my head hurt. I am in awe!

The Hostage Major by frostfire_17 was another Harlequin challenge response. I initially put it right near the bottom of my list of fics to read; the kind of AU where Rodney kidnaps John is not my cup of tea, for reasons many and various. But then it turned out I was totally wrong, because this is good. John is John and Rodney is Rodney, with all the funny and angst and bitchiness that implies, and the plot is actually surprisingly excellent. (That it existed at all was surprising in and of itself.) The little twists are all worth reading for, the writing remains decent throughout with moments of squeely joy, and finding out how… OK, I’m not spoiling that. Instead, I’ll just say that this is actually totally worth reading, and I officially petition the world for its greater recognition. Heh.

When In Haldoria by cesperanza. This has been described as a “cracked-out excuse for an orgy”, and, well, yeah, it is. However, it’s also side-splittingly funny (if you’re me), surprisingly adorable, and just over-all fabulous. And I do mean fabulous with every swishy, fake-silk-wearing, fur-lined-cloak-loving implication of the term. Heh.
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