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More SGA recs

I would try and claim that I'm here to rec many different fics for many different fandoms - but it would be a lie. Lately I've been reading almost nothing but pure SGA slash - John/Rodney to be more precise. Every time I've come across something that I particularly liked I've kept a note of it and now have a number to rec.

The Convenient Husband - 1/2 and 2/2
By Brighid

This is an AU. I never used to be an AU kinda girl. There were occasional AUs that worked for me, but in general I liked it a lot more canon. Somehow SGA AUs work a lot better than in other fandoms though. This was the first SGA AU that I ever read and it's brilliant - just brilliant. It was written for the Harlequin challenge (oh how I love the Harlequin fics) and the setup is that John needs to marry someone and stay married for a year to gain an inheritance - so why not his old childhood friend Rodney as gay marriage is legal in Canada?

Second Time
By Lamardeuse

This takes the idea that John and Rodney met before Atlantis when they were 15/16. John is visiting his cousin Sarah in Canada and Rodney gets invited to a party at her house. Rodney POV and I can't explain exactly why I really like this one, but somehow it just hits the right notes and the characterisation is lovely. One that I definitely wish was longer!

Sucking It Up
By Nel_ani

Genius non-perfect first-time sex. First time sex in fics always seems to go perfectly and be "the-best-sex-ever-OMG!" but this is so much more real. John pokes Rodney in the eye, there is a lot of stopping and starting, but above all a lot of laughing and bonding, which makes it all the more special. The highlight is a line said by Rodney that still makes me laugh when I think about it, but I won't spoil it. ;)

By Jenn

I read this a while ago and forgot to keep a link to it. I found it again recently and loved it just as much the second time through because it's wonderful. There's almost no dialogue and that works perfectly for the whole thing. for me it's all about touching and dancing and how amazing those things are. Just - read it.

By Rageprufrock

A great writer so shouldn't expect anything less than a fantastic AU here. John never joined the Air Force (he wanted to, but couldn't) so he joined the FBI instead. Then one day he has to investigate a bomb placed in the car of a scientist working in Cheyenne Mountain and suddenly the tornado that is Rodney McKay pours into his life, whether he wants it or not! Great story, with plot and everything! Contains the phrase "Hey! My house is not gay." and Rodney heckling a children's spelling bee.

Last Will and Testament
By Speranza

An AU fic that actually contains an exciting plot that has you sucked in by that as well as the characters. Simply amazing because not only do you get hooked by the plot, it has a premise that could make you go "eeeewwwwwwwwwwwww!!" but it's written so well that it - well - doesn't. The AU part is that Rodney has never worked for the military and John hasn't gone to Antarctica, but they meet because Rodney's dad (a General) dies and John attends the funeral.
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